Chrysoula (Susie) Mouroukas

Favourite childhood memories, dreamy landscapes and feelings of bliss captured onto canvas by artist Susie Mouroukas are without a doubt, a whimsical dance of colour and sparkling imagination. Born Chrysoula (Susie) Efthimiou in Montreal, Quebec in 1964, Susie, a self-taught artist, uses bold and bright colours to transport us into warm and inviting scenes of rural life. Strongly evident is her proud Greek heritage, dazzling with highly-spirited colour extravaganzas. Her fearless use of colour and level of detail bring cheer and happiness to all those who admire her work. She has rendered her happiest times in paintings filled with simple charm and pure innocence. Her magical and delightful artworks express a familiar comfort and evoke feelings of joy and enchantment to all. Susie is especially thrilled to support UNICEF Canada and their ongoing mission helping children in need globally.